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Welcome to
Blockchain 3.0

A new blockchain, that covers all blockchains and remove restrictions between all Crypto and DeFi projects out there!



A new blockchain that acts like a layer over other blockchains.

Multi Blockchain

Trade every token possible between every blockchain within our system.

Swap Page (DEX)

With our Swap page you can trade every token on every blockchain with a push of a button!

Multi Usable Wallet

With our wallet

Q2 2022
Baby steps.
The idea and first baby steps

Idea came to life

Planning first first tokenomics inital token

Release V1 website

Presale $TBE token

Q3 2022
Release of our Initial Token and more.​

Launch of our Initial token $TBE

Search for big investors who partake in our project

Interviewing and hiring different developers
(This project is to big to do with a team of 5)
Writing design of our Blockchain

Writing of our non-custodial wallet

Q4 2022
The actual work.
The actual work in the background

Start developing our blockchain, building blockchain connections

Start developing our blockchain explorer

Develop our Main blockchain token and our stable coin

Building V2 our website with more info, detailed   timeline and voting system for token holders to vote for features.

Q1 2023
The big first moment
The big first moment

Test phase Blockchain with signed up early birds

Test phase Non-Custodial Wallet with signed up early birds

Release first Beta version of our Blockchain

Release first Beta version of our Non-Custodial Wallet

Q2 2023
The real moment
The real moment

Migration Initial token to official Blockchain token

Release Official Version Blockchain

Release Official Version Non-Custodial Wallet

Massive marketing on Major news sites
(if not already picked up)

Many more big marketing stunts

Q3 2023
The next steps
The next steps

Keep this timeline in your mind, there is much more to come after the official release!

Blockchain for all projects

Our blockchain technology makes it possible to us for all projects on all blockchains!

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