Daily Archives: June 11, 2022

While being in the crypto space for so long, there is one thing we just couldn’t understand. Crypto is all about peoples money. All about cutting out the middle man (banks and the rest of the centralized world). How come there are still limitations? Projects on the blockchain of their choice, coins on their own blockchain. It has set limitations! Yes, there are bridges, yes there are some swap projects that take out the limitations a bit, but most of them are vulnerable for hacks and exploits. Not very safe, why blockchains are build for safety. We have seen projects that could potentially partner up with other projects, but because they are on different blockchains, they just can’t. Maybe with a work around with wrapped tokens, but usually thats not the case. So us, a group of crypto entrepreneurs came up with a new mission, Blockchain 3.0. Yes we are…

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