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While being in the crypto space for so long, there is one thing we just couldn’t understand. Crypto is all about peoples money. All about cutting out the middle man (banks and the rest of the centralized world). How come there are still limitations?

Projects on the blockchain of their choice, coins on their own blockchain. It has set limitations!

Yes, there are bridges, yes there are some swap projects that take out the limitations a bit, but most of them are vulnerable for hacks and exploits. Not very safe, why blockchains are build for safety.

We have seen projects that could potentially partner up with other projects, but because they are on different blockchains, they just can’t. Maybe with a work around with wrapped tokens, but usually thats not the case.

So us, a group of crypto entrepreneurs came up with a new mission, Blockchain 3.0. Yes we are a new blockchain, but next gen! And we are set to take out the competition at once, cause when we launch, there is no need for a second one!

What is Blockchain 3.0?

We are creating a blockchain, that acts as a layer on top of all other blockchains.

This means 2 things: First of we are a blockchain that act just like any other good blockchain, low fees, high security, blockchain explorer and many more features.

Next to that, we will build a layered version, that act like another blockchain. Let me explain:
So we all know the Binance Smart Chain and his Wrapped tokens. We tend to build wrapped versions of all tokens and even Liquidity Pool Tokens (LP). We even take the data from the other blockchains for a super accurate data transfer and search optimization. The technique behind it, we of course have to keep to ourselves but I can assure you, this is going to be industry disruptive!

Imagine this: A project on the Binance Blockchain, wants to partner up with a Avalanche project. Or a Solano project wants to partner up with a Cello project. At this moment, there is almost no way to create LP tokens to pair between those projects. With The Butterfly Effect Blockchain, you can create Layered LP’s with tokens on different Blockchains and use them for staking and vault purposes! Isn’t that amazing?


With Blockchain 3.0 we also wanted the possibility to swap every token on every blockchain. Normally you need a bridge for that, but we have seen many bridges being hacked. Bridges are not very safe! We are creating a swap page with wrapping technique! Next to that, we also wanted users to have a wallet, which can do exactly the same! Swap tokens in your wallet, on every blockchain! So we will introduce: TBEW (The Butterfly Effect Wallet). No need to add a network in your wallet or do any other technical stuff to connect to another blockchain, its already build in! And with every new Blockchain that is released, we update our swap and wallet to use it directly!

We truly believe that from a year from now, everyone in crypto will be using The Butterfly Effect!

Join our Telegram group for discussion: https://t.me/the_butterfly_effect_official

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