The Initial Token

Blockchain 3.0 is going to be a huge investment. It will involve a lot of money for research, a large team of developers, servers, software and a lot more. Next to that, it will need a large community that believe in the project!

Who wants to be in the first row as the next evolution of cryptocurrency emerge?

Thats why we came up with our Initial Token Release: The Butterfly Token $TBT. A token that will give you rewards in BUSD (for now). The token will be released on the Binance Smart Chain. For now we as developers have the most experience in this blockchain, and because we still have to build our Blockchain 3.0 we need to use a blockchain where we feel its the best suited for our Initial Token Release.

With this token we can raise the initial capital to start with our blockchain journey, and you can join us and be the first in when we release our Official Blockchain Token. This will be done trough a migration, where you get first access and a cheaper price before we launch!

The Initial Token:

Our Initial Token will be a token that is used to raise liquidity and funds for our Blockchain and Wallet development. But instead of a simple token we wanted to give our future investors real value to hold our Initial Token.

If you hold $TBT you will earn rewards in BUSD, the stable coin on the Binance Smart Chain.

Next to that, our tokenholders will have early access to our release of our Blockchain token ($TBEB), which makes sure our investors are the very early birds! With a migrator we will migrate the Initial Token ($TBT) to the Blockchain Token ($TBEB). $TBEB will be used for Gas Fee on our blockchain so you are instantly ready to trade every token from every blockchain in our Swap (DEX) or our wallet. Our Blockchain token will be fee free!

Burn events

$TBT is a deflationary token by design. We will burn 1% of the circulating supply at the beginning of each month (1st of the month) until we migrate to our Blockchain Token, or until we reach 50% of the max cap. This will create huge scarcity over time thus creating more value per token!


Name: The Butterfly Token
Ticker: $TBT
Total supply: 200,000,000
Tax: 12%
Listing price: $0.005
Burn: 1% circulating supply every 1st of the month.

Tax explanation:
– 3% liquidity
– 3% buyback fee
– 3% reflection in BUSD
– 3% marketing fee

Chart by Visualizer

Fair Launch info:

The pie chart basically explains it all. (subject to change)

We decided to do a fair launch on pinksale to keep it fair and could potentially raise more funds for our kickstart.

We will lock 5% of our team tokens, the other 5% will be burned right after we list on Pancakeswap!

As you can see we use 40% of the total supply for liquidity to create a super strong price foundation!